The World of Thunder Iracing League saw 158 different drivers this past Sunday in four divisions. The late model divisions put on a show for the fan at home watching on UDTV. In the National series all but 6 drivers in the feature were pro licence drivers. Dylan Wilson in his D1rt #80 would take the win in the National series. In the fixed pro late model division the driver raced with a heavy heart who lost his father the night before #2 Slick Motorsports driver Dylan Houser picked up the win. Both late model feature races would show respect to Houser in the 4 wide salute with the missing man formation. The UMP Modified division would make its return to Sunday nights with Wilson picking up the win. Dylan Wilson is a former champion of the UMP division in season 7. The Loud Pedal 410 series was the series that had a lot of cautions, But Slick motorsports driver Joel Berkley would capture the main event win.
       Wednesday night would see a good car count in the first Outlaw Stock Car division in the 87 stock cars. This was hard for some to keep the car under them. Keep on practicing and remember the admins will send out a setup if you need one. JD Brown would pick up the win. Remember Wednesday nights action is always live on LSRTV.     
       This Sunday night the league will travel to Lernerville for all 4 divisions. UMP Modifieds run at 4 PM Central – 5 PM Eastern , Fixed Pro Late Models will run at 5:45 pm Central – 6:45 pm Eastern, National Series Super Late Models will run at 7:45pm central 8:45 pm Eastern, Last but not least the Loud Pedal winged 410 Sprint Cars at 9:45 pm central – 10:45 pm eastern.       We would like to thank our sponsors for season 10. Bobby and Jennifer Hontz for putting up the championship money for the National series. $1,700 to the champion. and Pro Late Model division $250 to the champion. Grace Productions, Next level Dezigns, Dirtfan.com, Loud Pedal Productions, MDM, Team Outlaw.      Remember to run for the championship money in either late model division you must pay a $10.00 entry fee. Payable through paypal Stevenmcmillion@wotrl.com. if you don’t run for the money its free to race. All drivers need to fill out their bio forms for the broadcast by clicking here: http://livetiming.sdk-gaming.co.uk/driver-information/DriverInformation.exe . Yes it’s safe to download the company’s SDK from the UK. Also drivers are required to have Discord the link is here:  https://discord.gg/VS9G6k6 . To Join the league all you have to do is click here to apply: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/LeagueView.do?league=2329

Feature Winner Pictures from Sunday night.

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