Great racing last night as #80 Dylan Wilson took the win in the openning night of the World of Thunder DirtFan.com UMP Modifieds! With only two cautions on the night Wilson ran a great race and took the clean sweap victory over #53 Jacob Fields. #46 Ryan Underwood took third with a hard race but not without its battles. On Lap fifteen he came up the track on the back stretch across the nose of the 999 car of Dylonn Fox, ending Fox’s night prematurely. That incident could have easily gone poorly for him aswell but luck was on his side last night as he came out of the incident safely. Fox, was not so lucky. Story of the night however, would have to the #7 of Howard Weaver. Starting deep in the field, clear back in the twenty first position and drove his way all the up to the 6th position with a nearly flawless race. With a hard wreck on lap ten and lap fifteen, it was all in all a fantastic race! On behalf of all the staff at World of Thunder iRacing League I would like to thank everyone for coming out racing, and thanks to LSRTV for calling all the action!

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