Season 9 Late Model Rules:
World of Thunder Ultimate Dirt TV Iracing Series National Super Late Model Series Rules and Procedures: Race Chat Procedures: The drivers should be on the @DRIVERS channel. Your crew members must be on your team channel. When an official instructs you to do something, it’s not a request, it’s not a debate, it isn’t a discussion, it is a directive. If you do not follow that instruction you may be parked for that race and additional penalties may follow. There could be calls by the officials you disagree with, but during the race is not the time to argue. Can mistakes be made? Certainly, the officials are human and will make the best call based on the information available. This isn’t any different than any other sport with human officials. The spirit of the rule will always be considered in the officials’ decision. There is a zero tolerance for abusive or vulgar language in this series. It simply is not acceptable. Incident Limit:
The Race Control Incident Limit is in place and is 14. If you receive 14 incidents issued by in sim race control, you’ll be DQ from the race automatically. Each race will be reviewed live or post-race. Officials will view each incident to try and determine fault. There could be incidents where no fault is assigned. A running total will be kept throughout the season. The review process will be as follows. All incidents may be reviewed whether they cause a caution or not. Heat and Consolation races are an extension of the feature. Self-Spins will be investigated for fault. Points will be assigned to each driver found at fault. Under normal circumstances, 4 is the most incident points a driver can receive for an at fault. When a driver accrues 13 Incident points, he/she will be suspended for the next race. After the first suspension, drivers’ points are reset to 0 and are only allowed 9 “new” points before they are suspended again. Examples of where “no fault” can be applied for an accident are as follows but not limited to; lag/latency, connection issues, incidents that potentially could not have been avoided by either driver. Incident points can also be applied for rules or procedural violations. Incidents for a transfer spot in the heat and/or consolation race could result in additional incident points above the standard max of 4. Drivers that have accrued incident points can have 2 point removed from their incident point total for each race they are “incident free”. You may appeal any fault within 48 hours of the incident report being sent to drivers. A replay will be required of the entire lap of the incident in question. Your first two appeals are free. Each appeal afterwards will add 2 Incident points if the fault is upheld by the appeals review. WOTRL reserve the right to overturn an incident ruling regardless of whether there is an appeal filed or not. The Director of Competition may apply additional sanctions above and beyond the incident points if he/she determines driver was intentionally negligent. ” WoTRL reserve the right to change, add, or remove from this system at any point in the season.

Qualification to run the National Super Series: Top 15 in slm points will automatic be in the open series. 10 drivers will be invited by the Board of Drivers. last 15 spots will come from the short Mini Series 4 race series top 15 in points. This will create you 40 field for open series. We will add two drivers each Sunday who finish in the top 2 in the feeder series feature race. Each Season top 5 in Fixed Series will be invited to the Open Series. Bottom 5 in points will be sent back in to the fixed series, Unless panel of Drivers choose other wise to keep any of them.

Racing Order of Events:

Qualifying 1 lap 2 minutes long. top 4 to A-main from each heat. That will create 20 car field. There Will be two b-mains 10 drivers in each, with the top 3 going to A-main. A-man we will us the IMCA points inversion. The first three rows will be inverted by points. Highest in points will start 6 and the lowest will start on the pole. Top 5 drivers in feature race are subject for inspection. You must follow the following if you are chosen.

Telemetry rule:

All participants are required to save their full telemetry file. Telemetry will be forced on through the series options. (It will automatically save in your iRacing folder) Drivers are required to save their telemetry data from each round for 30 days after the completion of the season. At any time iRacing may request a driver’s telemetry. Failure to provide this for ANY reason may result in penalties. Drivers must make the necessary adjustments to ensure there is enough disk space on their hard drive. Files submitted must be 1 continuous file for each session requested. Spliced per lap will not be acceptable. Initial telemetry requests may be sent immediately following the race. If a driver receives this request, they must submit their telemetry immediately. Drivers will be allowed 15 minutes from the time the request was sent to comply. If requested you must send your files to .


Cautions will be thrown by Iracing. On a double file restarts will be done as ( Delaware Double File) meaning the leader will have the front row all by himself, Second place driver will have lane choice for the second row and it must be called out before we double up. If a caution comes out on a restart we will go single file. Wotrl also has the right to go single file on every restart if we choose so. No Black Flags will be cleared at any point during the race. No wave arounds will be given.

League representation:

We at WOT believe in the promotion and growth of our sport and community. We welcome sponsorship logos from other leagues on drivers vehicles. However if a league is found to be causing drama or trying to “start fires” between drivers and leagues that league will be added to a list and any drivers running a LOGO for that league will be asked to remove it and be given an explanation as to why. As it will not be a requirement to remove it to be eligible to race drivers running that LOGO may receive less air time on broadcast.

Any Rules not posted here we will revert to Wotrl Rule Book. Driver Suspended From WoTRL A letter will be sent to the Board of Icore in which they will decide to support the suspension in ICORE leagues which could be less punishment or bigger punishment depending on the vote of the ICORE Board. At anytime WOTRL has the right to change the rules with out notice.

Hawkeye Junk Removal Super Late Model B Series:

1. Drivers in the Open Series will not be allowed to race in.

2. 1 Lap, 2 minute Qualifying

3. Top 3 to feature in 5 heats. Top 3 from B-mains unless otherwise posted will transfer to the A-main. Feature Line up will be straight up from heats. NO Redraw.

4. Broadcast will be from WOTRL facebook page.

5. Top 5 in points will be moved up each season to open.

6. Fixed Series will use the Iracing X-count unlike open series.

7. All other Rules will apply from open series.

8. Top 2 in the feature will be invited to run the National Late Model series that night. then will be removed after the National Series runs.

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