Season 8 World of Thunder Ultimate Dirt Tv Iracing Series Sunday Night Schedule

Sunday nights are coming back with action pack racing. You can see the biggest names on Iracing on Sunday nights as our three premier series run. You can catch all the Sunday night action live on UDTV. We also like to welcome back on board for season 8. The Champions in season 8 will get free wraps from DDIW ( Dominator Designs & Iwraps from Columbia, Missouri on facebook @Dominatordesigns ). Team Outlaw Motorsports will be the Title Sponsor for the Super Late Models on Sunday nights. Allstar Graphics will be sponsoring the winner stickers for the 2020 season. Team MDM will be back on board for the 2020 season. The Team Outlaw Motorsports Super Late Models will race at 5 pm Central / 6 pm Eastern time on Sunday night. The MDM Fixed UMP Modifieds will run 7 pm Central / 8 pm Eastern Time on Sunday Nights. Then the Winged 410 Sprint Cars at 9 pm central / 10 pm Eastern time. The week day schedules will be posted later on during the week. We are looking forward to bring back the Development Series with a different rules package. Daniel is still talking about what he will be doing with the Wednesday night Schedule.

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