Season Seven is a blink of eye away. Are you ready? Season 7 360 Winged Sprint Cars with Brett Wheeler is already 2 races in and you can still race. New this Season WOTRL Super Late Models will be known as the Shore Power Super Late Models as we welcome them on board for the new season. Also coming season 7 All new Bishop Auto Body Pro Late Model Development Series. Restrictions for this series will be posted on the website. There Series will run on Monday nights before Brett Wheeler’s 360 Sprints. Wednesday Nights you will see the return of the Street Stocks with Daniel Passmore taking on running the Wednesday night program. The Street Stocks will be open set. We are so excited for Season Seven. If you want to Join the PRESTIGE LEAGUE CLICK HERE. Also Every Driver MUST BE IN TEAM SPEAK here is the LINK Make sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, and our NEW WEBSITE WOTRL. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you on the track this season. PLEASE READ THE SEASON 7 RULES. SUNDAY NIGHT LINE UP: SHORE POWER SUPER LATE MODELS, FIXED UMP FIXED MODIFIEDS, UDTV 410 WINGED SPRINTS. MONDAY NIGHT LINE UP. BISHOP AUTO BODY PRO LATE MODELS DEVELOPMENT SERIES, UDTV 360 WINGED SPRINTS WEDNESDAY NIGHTS LINE UP: OPEN SET UP TEAM DRIVING STREET STOCKS.


Series Director – Steven McMillion

Assistant Series Director – Daniel Passmore

Directors of Competition and Rule Enforcement – Brett Wheeler

Race Admins – Steven McMillion, Daniel Passmore, Brett Wheeler, Brett Rowles, Nate Mullinnix, Aaron Leitzel, Josh Conover



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