Even Seay Would lead 34 laps of the UMP Modified feature until going into turn 3 where Hayden Cardwell would get into the back of him causing him to spin. Hayden would receive a eol for the contract with Even. This would give the lead to #127 Blake Matjoulis. Blake would lead the finial two laps to claim the feature race win and his Second Championship of the Night and his third for the World of Thunder Racing League. Heat winners will look like this: HEAT 1 #7 D1RT HAYDEN CARDWELL, HEAT 2 #127 SWINDELL SPEEDLABS BLAKE MATJOULIS, HEAT 3 #331 BADD MOTORSPORTS DUSTIN HALL, HEAT 4 # 999 D1RT DYLON FOX. WE HAD 2 B-MAINS TONIGHT AND THOSE WINNERS ARE: B-1 #63 CLIFFORD DRISKEL, B-2 #03 DYLAN D THOMAS. TOP TEN IN THE A MAIN: 1. #127 BLAKE MATJOULIS, 2. #999 DYLAN FOX, 3. #42 JORDAN CASEY, 4. #007 JACOB FIELDS, 5. #37 GAVIN COLLINS, 6. #331 DUSTIN HALL, 7.#03 DYLAN THOMAS, 8.# ERIC SCALF, 9.#24JR DANIEL CUMMINGS JR, 10.#63 CLIFFORD DRISKEL

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